The Moon Sushi and Asian Bistro

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5 Star Review By Metzger

I've been a semi-regular at The Moon for about a year now so I'm writing this review as a composite of my experiences there. The Moon is probably, pound for pound, my favorite sushi restaurant in the state, and it can even give most of the places I've eaten at on the coasts a run for their money. The menu is very broad, with options ranging from simple to complex, including both innovative items and time-tested traditional fare. The prices are, particularly for what you get, very fair. When I decide to blow out I will get 2 rolls and an appetizer and that usually runs me about $45. Of special note, one of the sushi chefs here, Jared, is a solid-gold stud. I came in a bit more than a week ago and wanted something different, so I set him loose on an omakase order and asked him to light me up in terms of spice. He didn't pull any punches and gave me exactly what I wanted. The roll was complex (which I like) but well balanced and it instantly became my favorite roll of all time. If you like heat, ask them for the "Dylan" roll but only if you're a spice fiend like I am. The servers are chatty and prompt, but the place still retains a pretty casual atmosphere which I enjoy because it's a 1-2 times a week lunch stop for me, and I don't like going for full table service except in the evenings. My only constructive criticisms about the place are that sometimes parking is a trick (which is just a natural side effect of it being on Main Street), and that I wish the lighting inside was a little better but I usually come in in the early afternoons so your mileage on that may vary.

Metzger Sep 1st, 2023 Google

4 Star Review By Brenna Glover

Food was good but I had a hard time deciding. The sushi is not the "normal" sushi you will find at other restaurants. It's a fusion of sorts. Not a bad thing, just wasn't expecting that. Lots of fruit flavors in their sauces. Cute place with great service. Everyone was super nice.

brenna glover Aug 19th, 2023 Google