Thai Delight Norman

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5 Star Review By Brooke Strickland

We were on the hunt for sushi but despite not having any due to transportation and distribution issues (which we completely understood), we stayed and ordered a couple meals. The food was absolutely delicious and we will be coming back again and again! The staff was apologetic, although we weren’t dissatisfied and they were very welcoming and phenomenal.

Brooke Strickland Sep 13th, 2023 Google

4 Star Review By L

The service was friendly and welcoming. I really appreciate how nice they were. The Thai Milk tea was delicious. Definitely recommend it. I ordered tofu with Chinese greens and a side of steamed vegetables. The veggies in both dishes were very lightly steamed so they still had a green sort of taste. I usually like steamed veggies to be in the steam long enough for them to turn dark green and sweet but still crunchy so I wasn't a huge fan of this dish. The tofu was good though. There was no sauce on veggies but the menu never said there would be so the Chinese greens were just plain. Overall that dish just felt plain with nothing really special enough to order it ever again. Next time I'll get something different next time. I also had a rice soup which was also very plain with a few grains of rice in it. It was okay. My friend got a meat dish and enjoyed it very much so I think i just ordered the wrong thing. I'll have to try it again someday and pick a different thing off the menu. Overall though I think the place is good. Service is friendly. And love the booths you get to sit in very private and nice. Personally i just have to go back and try the food again to get a new opinion. Give it a try for yourself and decide.

L Sep 17th, 2022 Google