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5 Star Review By Alishaa Dell

My rating is for: Convenience of location. Helpful/friendliness of staff. Quick self-checkout. Quality of product for price.

Alishaa Dell Aug 2nd, 2023 Google

5 Star Review By Trisha Villa

This is a wonderful Target because Ifind what I need and if their out then I just come another day. No Big Deal. The employees are kind to me and are respectful and helpful. I see more smiles from employees here and I see them working hard. It is a 5 star because I am from California so the wait here is so short and there are a few people. The employees and managers take the time for me. Even if I have a question the manager comes finds me if their not too busy. It is clean and it is a pleasant and fun experience. No traffic like what I'm used to. The people giving no stars or 1 star or something has a very privileged and arrogant attitude because your target is ran so much better than some others ones in the all say long lines, people who can't speak English, and slow as mollases and just when I come here to the store I have seen a few customers yell at employees. Moore ok is NOT Beveryly Hills. Your Blessed and Oklahoma Target customers need to start being kind, not racist and entitled. This is Oklahoma yiu all should be the Kindest customers. How are you all so impatient and rushing??? Slow down. Love Target!!! No complaints from me I'm not petty.

Trisha Villa Apr 30th, 2023 Google