Taco Mayo

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5 Star Review By James Wells

Taco Mayo was my favorite "Tex-Mex" fast food restaurant. But the quality has declined. A "Super Beef Burrito" is 3/4 beans now and the food is never hot. At best it is room temperature.

James Wells Jul 27th, 2023 Google

5 Star Review By Fred Pope

Hadn't been in a long time. Working with friends doing lawn projects and stopped in with the motley crew for lunch on a 100° day around noon. We all were pleasantly surprised how good everything was. We had lunch bowls of various types. Affordable. Personally, I was worried about one of the guys having a hazmat response event after a TexMex lunch. Fortunately, it wasn't a 7/11 burrito. Everyone is doing fine. We'll be back.

Fred Pope Aug 27th, 2023 Google