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95% Good

I watched the crew do their work and interacted with them for important decisions. My impression was that they were knowledgeable and did the work carefully.
I felt that the majority of the job was done well and my final product would be good.
Upon completion, I examined the premises and was content to pay the invoice.
However, subsequently, (the 5% of my discontent) I found the cleanup phase to be somewhat lacking.
After the crew left, I climbed ladders and found most of my gutters (especially the south side) littered with nails, screws, and debris. (photos available upon request). Where I watched one employee use an air blower to clear the north gutter, I needed to hose the subsequent debris off the side of my house. Also, the crew left footprints all over my back porch and it took me an hour to scrub them off (some spots including roofing tar).
A fireplace chimney inside my house needed to be reconnected (with help from the crew leader) and afterward I had to clean the grease marks off the stove pipe.
Lastly, I had hoped that the work would restore my residence to a state where no further work would be necessary. However, two siding boards needed to be removed to insure best drainage. That left two other siding boards without paint.
I am now struggling to figure out how to paint these two strips of siding that are difficult to access safely . It might require climbing gear which might be expensive for such minor paint touch up.
So the job was not a complete wrap up.

Written by David P. on August 13th, 2017

Reviewing: Roofing