StayWell Med Spa & Wellness

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5 Star Review By Deidra Swayne

Kim and Heather are amazing at StayWell Med Spa and Wellness! Heather is amazing at the laser removal services! Kim gives the best facials and she is the sweetest! She walks you through each product she used on you and gives you samples on them before you by the big bottle of products to make sure you will like them! Highly recommend!

Deidra Swayne Oct 4th, 2023 Google

5 Star Review By Christin Friederich

Kimberly’s facials transport you to another dimension! Be prepared to need a ride home from extreme relaxation & beauty!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Heather’s knowledge on laser treatment for hair removal and skin is impressive!! I feel we’ve accomplished many goals I didn’t think were possible. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

christin friederich Oct 4th, 2023 Google