Dental Veneers
A bright, white smile boosts your confidence. That smile may even allow you to explore personal and professional opportunities that you previously felt were out of reach due to the unappealing condition of your teeth. So, if you’re tired of having stained, crooked teeth or of repeating the tooth whitening process, you may be ready for a longer-lasting alternative. Veneers are the way to go for many people. Your nearby Stamford Dental Arts team can provide you with a variety of smile makeover options, including popular veneers in a wide range of styles. Call today to schedule an evaluation.

Dental veneers, also known as dental laminates, are wafer-thin coverings that fit over your teeth to hide minor flaws. Dental problems such as tooth yellowing or pitting, tiny holes in your teeth, or tooth chips can all detract from your smile. Consider veneers and other smile makeover options, since 99% of Americans believe that a beautiful smile indicates success and happiness in life. Consulting with an expert dentist about cosmetic dental procedures is easy, especially if you live near a dental practice in Stamford, Connecticut.

Your family dentist is also a cosmetic dentistry expert. When it comes to adult dentistry, your teeth’ basic health is just as important as any cosmetic procedure you’re considering, including dental veneers. If you have tooth pain, an infection decay, or periodontal disease, for example, you must have corrective procedures done first. Hence, you may require a cavity filling, gum disease treatment, or a round of antibiotics.

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