What Are Dental Bridges?

Missing teeth are often a source of embarrassment, especially if the space is visible when you smile. But there are functional, as well as cosmetic, issues with missing teeth. For example, missing teeth in the back of your mouth can lead to unintended but serious consequences.
dental bridge is a cost-effective substitute for one or more missing teeth, both for your physical appearance and your overall health. Talk to your restorative dental team at dentistry Stamford about getting a bridge. They’ll walk you through the process and explain the benefits. You may find the cost far less than the cost of doing nothing. Call today!

Just as the name implies, dental bridges span the gap that occurs when you lose a tooth or multiple teeth in the same area of your mouth. The bridge consists of artificial replacement teeth to fill in the open space between your permanent teeth. A bridge usually attaches to teeth that surround the gap on one or both sides, but it can attach to your natural teeth or to teeth that have been fortified with a crown.

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