Squared Up Golf

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4 Star Review By Tim Young

Update: One of the owners reached out to me directly and offered a couple hours of sim time on the house. We went back and had a blast. Really, a neat place. Just wish there was beer available :-). Extremely disappointing. Went online to schedule time on a simulator. Business hours were listed as noon-7 pm. After setting up my account on the archaic and overly complicated system which asked for everything down to my shirt size, I successfully scheduled a time slot for 2-3 pm. Both the site and an email confirmed my session. I arrived at 1:40. This place shares a large facility with a baseball/softball training center. There is a dedicated entrance for Squared Up which was open when I arrived, so I went in. This is two hours after the listed open time but there was no one to be found. There were many people in the baseball area but no one in the golf area. I waited several minutes to see if anyone would come out; no one did. I walked all around the simulator area and it was completely trashed. Empty beer cases next to and in the fridge. Dirty golf gloves lying around. Balls and tees everywhere. It looked like someone threw a frat party there last night. Just an absolute mess. After waiting about ten minutes I went to the desk for the baseball area to see if anyone was working the golf area. The lady working said the businesses are not connected, but that she didn’t think anyone would be there today. “Not on a Sunday” to be exact, indicating they aren’t even open on Sundays. I waited around until 2 pm — my scheduled time — and no one ever showed up, so I left. Even if I had been able to use the simulator, the space was so crowded and dirty, I would not have gone back. Neat idea, but the owners either don’t care or just don’t know how to run a business.

Tim Young Jan 6th, 2022 Google

5 Star Review By Jordin R

Jordin R Dec 6th, 2021 Google