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5 Star Review By Tstm 20

We contracted with Sola Solutions to install several solar tubes within our home. We first met David from Sola Solutions at a home show in Oklahoma City for which he explained fully how the installations work and why we would enjoy placing solar tubes in our home. After thinking about this for awhile we felt ready to install one in our guest bathroom because it had no windows and was like a cave. After looking on the Sola Solutions website we decided on a 8 inch with a solar night light light, regular light, dimmer, and an exhaust fan. We contacted Sola Solutions and a Technician/Installer arrived as scheduled and provided an estimate within minutes. Once we agreed with the price we were pleased that Sola Solutions could immediately install the solar tube (he arrived with all of the possible solar tube models and assessories just in case we were ready to install). The installation went fast and smooth and was completed in a highly professional manner. They cleaned up all of the minor amount of debris that occured and then gave us a demonstration on how all of the assesories worked. During inclimate weather that followed after the installation, all was well (no leaks). We have since installed several more. Our hose looks so open now and we really don't have to turn on any lights from dawn to dusk. (We can use the dimmers though if we wish to not have so much light...) I highly recommend Sola Solutions. They are on-time, courtious, and provide a highly professional installation! Thanks Sola Solutions for making us very happy!

tstm 20 Apr 10th, 2022 Google

5 Star Review By Rita Martin

I have three solar tubes & two attic solar fans. Each make my home more comfortable & have increased the value. The dollar tubes add so much needed light in my kitchen, study, & guest bathroom. In fact, everyone tries to turn off the light in the guest bath! The solar fans help to keep the attic cool & circulate air. I love the professionalism & great customer service of all staff. I highly recommend Solar Solutions! 2022: update: I am still extremely pleased with this company. I had my solartubes inspected & cleaned. I also upgraded my covers. Excellent service with friendly knowledge & professional techs. Thank you very much. Rita

Rita Martin May 3rd, 2022 Google