I Won’T Go Anywhere Else!

From the very first visit I've felt welcome and appreciated as a customer at Hot Rod Salon. It's a fun open atmosphere in a great, easy to park location. The appointment booking online is super easy to use and well thought out.
I have super short hair and didn't want a mannish cut. Bry understood exactly what I wanted and with amazing confidence, did an amazing job on my hair. It came out as a precise feminine cut that I just absolutely LOVED from the moment I got it cut.
As opposed to "loving it" 2 weeks after it was cut.
I have had super short hair for about 4 years and have only found 2 people out of about 20-30 stylists in that time who do a great job.
Having short hair that looks feminine is really important to me. Having a friendly and fun place to get my hair done is important to me.
The price is right too.
I highly recommend Bry ... she's so friendly and personable and does such a great job that if she moves, I'll have to drive farther just to see her :)

Written by Linda D. on November 1st, 2014

Reviewing: Hair Cut

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Bry Listens

Bry actually listens to what you want and caters your every wish. Thank you Bry. Im still getting used to it but getting lots of compliments. I will be using you in the future.
~ Joi G.

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I've had short hair for such a long time, I really had no idea where to start. Bry sat me down and we discussed hair care and options that I can work with as summer approaches. I left feeling lighter …
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Bry did the perfect color combination and cut for me to get my ?Joan Jett? look! Thank you!
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Bry listens, cares, has a high-quality set of skills. and provides top-notch customer service. I definitely recommend her and will remain a client for years to come!
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Bry's salon has received numerous awards and this is attributed to her abilities as a business owner, the care and expertise that she offers to her clients on a daily basis. Bry takes the time to make…
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I love Bry! I will not let anyone else touch my hair. She always knows what to do, even when I am not sure! Bry knows her products, she has a wonderful personality, and always makes a trip to the salo…
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Bry is Fantastic!!

Bry came in on her day off to help with a hair emergency!! Very much appreciated!! Bry is fantastic!
~ Betty F.


Bry! Is amazing! She did a wonderful job with my hair. Such a sweet person! Very patient and took her time to get the color just right! Definately get your hair done with Bry! I will be coming back ?
~ Sheena H.

Hairstylist of the Century

When it comes to my hair...Bry is my GO TO! Cut, color, deep conditioning she always knows what is best! SALON WISP...beautiful salon! Love the updates! Check it out...you won't want to go anywhere el…
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Whenever I hear of someone who is looking for a new hair stylist, I always recommend Bry at Salon Wisp. She is experienced and takes the time to listen to what her clients want before proceeding with …
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