Rose Wild Alchemy

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5 Star Review By Cristel Hamilton

Kimber at Rose Wild Alchemy gave me the most amazing massage today tailored to my needs and comforts! The organic products she used, biomat, massage room and equipment were amazing and beautiful. She incorporates sound therapy into her massage and it is just a total mind and body experience that takes your relaxation to another level. Kimber also seems like the sweetest most resourceful and comforting person and she emailed me some links and recommendations after my session was over of things we discussed in my session. So wonderful! I will absolutely be returning again and trying some of their other services soon too.

Cristel Hamilton Dec 27th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Michelle Draghetti

Kimber at Rose Wild Alchemy is AMAZING!! She has some wonderful skin-care products - I have loved every single one I've tried. Her massage therapy is wonderfully healing - she has really helped me with some chronic back and knee pain. Highly recommend!

Michelle Draghetti Sep 18th, 2022 Google