Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

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5 Star Review By W Cordray

It seems every time we visit this location we wonder why we haven't come back sooner. The food is delicious and beyond filling. The price is quite reasonable for what you get. Most importantly, they have perhaps the nicest staff of any casual dining restaurant in Norman. No arrogance, no rushed feelings, only people who greet you with a smile and go above and beyond on customer service Today we visited for my son's birthday and it was absolutely perfect. I'll include pictures, but must apologize that we ate things so quickly we completely forgot to take "1st look" photos. They made his day special which made Dad a happy camper.

W Cordray Aug 22nd, 2023 Google

5 Star Review By Dian Sheeler (Dian)

The food are good, the place is clean but a little crowded when we had dinner Sunday night. Bottomless drinks and fries are awesome! Freckled Lemonade and pretzels bites are our favorite. Did curbside orders a couple times and it was quick! Overall is great!

Dian Sheeler (Dian) May 8th, 2023 Google