Tooth removal can be intimidating and a little scary for anyone. Unfortunately, as a parent, you may be a little nervous too. Please let us guide your child to soothe, calm, and help them. It is best not to precondition a child with fears and doubts. As a parent, you can take the time to talk with Dr. Sara, an extraction specialist and a leading children’s dentist in NYC. She will be more than happy to cover all the kids tooth extraction details and help you fully understand the removal procedure. That way, everyone can be prepared for the tooth extraction experience, recovery and its aftercare.

While everything possible is done to preserve baby teeth, sometimes there is no other choice but to remove a badly infected tooth or a tooth that has been too extensively damaged to restore.

Temporarily Space Maintainers
When this is the only option available, your child’s dentist Dr. Babich may suggest various ways of temporarily replacing the tooth until the adult tooth is ready to erupt. Sometimes she provides some form of a temporary prosthesis or use a special type of space maintainer that is fitted onto the adjacent teeth.

A space maintainer does precisely what the name suggests, helping to hold open the correct amount of space left behind by the baby tooth, preventing the adjacent teeth from drifting out of place. The space maintainer remains in position until the adult tooth is ready to come through and it’s a device that is extremely useful in helping to ensure the adult tooth erupts in the correct alignment.

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