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Ned Baker Real Estate is a small family firm dedicated to personal service and integrity. We pride ourselves on creating long lasting relationships and representing our client’s investments with the utmost professionalism.

Founded in 1973, we are the oldest real estate/property management firm in the Salem/Keizer area. We specialize in residential sales, investments, 1031 exchanges, and property management. Currently, we manage over 600 properties in Salem and the surrounding areas.

We are in tune with our city and our team of knowledgeable staff stays up to date with local landlord-tenant and real estate laws.

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5 Star Review By Vaughn F.

I am am a electrical contractor who has been working for Ned Baker for several years now doing all the maintenance electrical calls. As a business they are always quick to send work orders and we are quick to get onsite to make repairs. They communicate w Keep Readingell and always pay invoices in a timely manner. Compared to several other proper

Vaughn F. Mar 24th, 2021 Google