Nasal septal deviation is a prevalent issue that may have dramatic quality of life ramifications. Septoplasty is a commonly performed procedure that provides various benefits to those with nasal obstruction owing to septal deviation.

Undisputed leader in deviated septum repair in New Jersey, Dr. Monica Tadros, clearly realizes that comfortable nasal breathing is directly linked to the quality of life. Hence, she offers the most advanced and effective treatment solutions for patients suffering from this condition.

What Is a Deviated Septum?

Deviated Septum Surgery

A deviated septum implies that the septal cartilage component, septal bone component, or both are crooked. When this occurs, the nasal airway is narrowed and can be one reason why breathing is impacted.

The origin of a deviated septum ultimately centers on any insult that may have caused the septal cartilage or bone to grow off course.

Some of the major causes of this health condition are:

  • A congenitally inherited predisposition
  • Uterine development
  • Trauma during childbirth
  • Early nasal trauma that leads to a shift of the bony growth plate

Many times fractures of the septum are overlooked after nasal trauma in children and teens if a CT scan or endoscopic evaluation is not performed because the septum is a deep structure that cannot be well visualized externally. Over time the shape of the deviated septum may worsen the nasal airway and sinuses for many individuals. It can consequently lead to chronic mouth breathing and affect nasal development.
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