Nasal fractures are deemed to be one of the most common types of facial bone fractures, representing 40% to 50% of cases. Normally, a broken nose can be treated with good outcomes in the majority of patients. However, due to the cosmetic and functional importance, and the prominent location of the nose, nasal injuries present a compelling challenge to the facial plastic surgeon to restore everything to normal.

Given the importance of the nasal bone in facial aesthetics, Dr. Monica Tadros facial plastic surgeon conducts in-depth preoperative screening of the injury prior to committing to surgery. Dr. Monica Tadros is proud to be among a few broken nose repair specialists in NJ & NYC who can truly provide her patients with long-term aesthetic and functional outcomes of the treatment. Thousands of successful broken nose surgeries have allowed Dr. Tadros to be among the most respected and trusted plastic surgeons across the U.S.

A nose fracture is a break in the bones of the nose. Direct trauma to the nose that results in an immediate nosebleed indicates that a fracture of some sort probably took place. The clinical relevance of any fracture requires a thorough evaluation by a specialist. A nasal fracture is one of the most commonly missed diagnoses after an injury to the face. The top-rated facial surgeon Dr. Monica Tadros specializes in nasal fracture surgery. A fracture of one of the bones of the nose may not only change the appearance; it could cause a septal perforation, deviated septum, loss of smell, and long-term breathing difficulty. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Monica Tadros to correct the nasal fracture.

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