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Manhattan Foot Specialists is a state of the art and top-rated podiatry clinic in NYC offering the latest and most effective treatments in foot care to our patients. The goal of our foot specialists is to provide the most advanced level of podiatric care to treat any foot and ankle related condition.

Our NYC podiatry clinic has two convenient locations in Union Square and on Upper East Side that feature the latest podiatric diagnostic equipment. Podiatrist Dr. Sophia Solomon, the best-rated foot doctor in NYC provides a full range of podiatry procedures including cutting-edge Laser Foot Surgery, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, and Laser Treatment For Warts using the latest techniques and technologies available in the USA.

The best foot doctor Solomon and our staff offer expertise in general podiatry and foot care through the use of advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating the most common podiatric conditions that include: Hammer Toes Surgery, Bunion Surgery, Achilles Tendon Su…

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Wonderful Clinic!

I am very satisfied with visiting Manhattan Foot Specialists. Dr. Sophia Solomon and her staff are very attentive and ready to help you.

Mason C. Feb 22nd, 2021


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