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If you’re pregnant, on birth control pills or undergoing any treatment that may spike your hormone levels, you may have noticed a gray or brownish skin discoloration on your face. If so, you may have a condition called melasma. Men can develop melasma too, but typically women between the ages of 20 and 80 develop it. It’s no coincidence that 90 percent of these women are either pregnant or on birth control pills.

While melasma isn’t a contagious or serious condition, it may not go away on its own. See your New York dermatologist to receive a thorough examination and treatment. You may not even have melasma. A variety of skin conditions are common, and some even have similar symptoms. Only a good dermatologist can diagnose what’s troubling you.

All symptoms, potential procedural/surgical options should always be discussed with your physician after a thorough consultation and examination  for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Melasma Causes

Melasma is believed to be associated with hormone spikes such as women who are pregnant, perimenopausal or using medicines that effect hormones, such as birth control medications or hormone replacement therapy. Your NYC dermatologist can tell you what may be causing the condition in your particular circumstance. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from excessive exposure to sunlight have been proven to aggravate melasma, as it darkens your skin’s pigmentation. Exposure to heat has been shown to exacerbate melasma as well.
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