Imo’s Pizza

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5 Star Review By Josh Matthews

Stepping into Imo's Pizza in Collinsville, Illinois, I knew I was in for a treat, but little did I know how my taste buds would be dancing with joy. The pizza here isn't just good, it's a culinary masterpiece that makes you wonder if you've ever really tasted pizza before. Each slice is a perfect blend of cheese, sauce, and that indescribably delicious crust. And let's not forget the bowling alley – it's like stepping into a parallel universe where pizza and bowling combine to create the pinnacle of entertainment. I mean, who needs anything else when you can strike down pins and then reward yourself with the best pizza in town? It's almost unfair how Imo's has mastered the art of both pizza making and entertainment. So, if you're looking for an 'okay' pizza and a 'just fine' bowling experience, this place is definitely not for you. Imo's Pizza in Collinsville is where the magic happens, and you're seriously missing out if you haven't been here yet.

Josh Matthews Nov 18th, 2023 Google

4 Star Review By John West

Wanted to try authentic St. Louis Pizza and Imo's is definitely the standard for St. Louis Pizza! Cracker like pizza crust very very thin but held up well with the toppings. I'm a sauce guy when it comes to pizza and the sauce was light. Cheese was different almost creamy like texture and a white cheddar taste. Supreme had everything including long slices of bacon. Overall Ok. Different.

John West May 8th, 2023 Google