Periodontal disease, more widely known as gum disease, ranks as the single most common disease in the United States, affecting approximately 80 percent of American adults to some degree. Fortunately, regular periodontal screenings and appropriate oral hygiene regimens can help control it, which is why at Bayside dentistry we encourage our patients to schedule regular periodontal oral examinations. Since periodontal disease often manifests no symptoms in its earliest stages, it is important even if you are not experiencing discomfort or signs of infection to seek routine periodontal care by an experienced periodontal professional.

Fortunately, gum disease is preventable with good periodontal care and ongoing preventive dental care. People with advanced gum disease will frequently need the care of a periodontist.

Periodontal disease affects 80% of American adults. Regular screenings and oral hygiene regimens can help to control it.

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