Five Star Learning Centers

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5 Star Review By Holly Jo

My child is finishing up her last month at five star. She's about to start kindergarten. She has been going since she was a toddler and we absolutely love them and all the teachers My daughter Absolutely loves going to daycare/school on the days She don’t go She ask if she can go back! She has learned so much from being there! We are sad that it’s time to leave but they have Prepared her for kindergarten! She has never had a bad thing to say about anyone! We appreciate everyone so much! Thank you five star learning center for being so kind and caring to my child and me!

Holly Jo Jul 20th, 2023 Google

5 Star Review By Billie L Worker

I have worked at all of the Five Star Learning Center locations. I LOVE it. The director at the Troy facility is amazing. I am very particular about where I send my children and grandchildren. I would highly recommend this center. As far as inputting information into an app, I would much rather the staff quickly write information regarding meals, naps, diapers, toileting needs, etc. down on paper rather than take the time to log into an app and type it all out. If you have never worked in a daycare setting, the main priority is to provide quality care and instruction. I believe that making quick notes on paper allows for more time to focus on care. Also, if an app crashes or the internet is down, at least there is a paper trail. If you tour the facility and it isn't for you, that's ok. No daycare is perfect. However, if you have any questions or concerns, I know that the director will let the owners know and the owners WILL take care of it. They take pride in their business and do a fantastic job making sure that it runs accurately and efficiently. I highly recommend this center. I encourage you to visit with an open mind and ask any questions that you may have and make the decision for yourself. I promise you that the owners work closely with their qualified directors to ensure your child receives the best care and quality education.

Billie L Worker Jul 21st, 2023 Google