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Pleased Beyond Words

We hired Fitzpatrick Painting to paint the exterior of our home which was built in 2005. The original paint job did not hold up well and some of the trim boards already needed replacing. Fitzpatrick's carpentry division completed the repair work prior to painting, and the quality of work and the quality of material was better than original. On the day of painting Fitzpatrick Painting arrived with an adequate crew, equipment, and materials for the job. (This house was a challenge--high gable ends, lots of detail work.) The crew introduced themselves, and went right to work. I was impressed with how clean they kept the work site and how they organized the tasks. At the end of the work day all their ladders and painting equipment was put away and the loose masking material picked up. All the drop clothes were folded and put away. The crew was careful and methodical while painting. I was impressed with their attention to detail. We are pleased beyond words with the quality of work and the quality of paint used.

Written by Craig S. on June 15th, 2017

Reviewing: Residential exterior painting