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Great Exterior Painting Job

Jared Bingham was the crew leader for our residential house painting project. Jared and each one of his crew members did an outstanding job for us. The project was completed in a professional and efficient manner, followed by a thorough cleanup around the house. Jared was good at keeping us informed of the progress, insuring there were no surprises. The crew was flexible in that we added waiting of an exterior masonry wall and the fireplace chimney to the project at the last minute. He dedicated one person to do this work. All of the work was performed during hot weather conditions, with no interruptions. When completed, we did a "walk around" the house with Jared. We had a very good reaction to the completed project. I would highly recommend Fitzpatrick Painting Inc. for any external house painting project.

Written by Marty D. on June 27th, 2017

Reviewing: Residential exterior painting