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Excellent Momentum on the Job and Superfine Customer Service

For half a century, I kid you not, my two story cottage with 1938 siding has been sorely in need of careful craftsmanship. Timmy’s crew delivers consistency, experience, and professional teamwork. This crew maintains momentum on the job and fine customer service as well. Danny Halbrook carries the project from beginning to end. Energetic and talented, he’s a power house of applied knowledge and know how—focusing on doing the best job possible. My house benefitted from the team's old fashioned drive for excellence: First, off with massive amounts of old lead-based paint chips, then add layers of super deluxe primer, two coats of paint, then a fine finish of crisp lines for the trim. My old home looks like she has joined the historic preservation movement! Hooray! Timmy Chung is indispensable with excellent leadership, sly humor and candid honesty that improves the outcome of the project as a whole. John Ramsdal and Gabe Skehan provide kind consideration, smiles, as well as safety and detail support—both will add resilience to this team.

Written by Meg S. on May 24th, 2019