If you want to lease a car, Elizabeth Auto Lease is the best option you have in New Jersey our service is highly personalized and our team is happy to help you decide which vehicle would be right for you and your family we even work together with local financial institutions to get you the lowest payment per month possible. Edison Car leasing is the best place to go for your next auto lease in Edison, New Jersey. We aren’t a traditional dealership, so you aren’t limited to a particular make or model of vehicle… we have an extensive collection of available for you to lease. We inspect all of the vehicles thoroughly before adding them to our inventory.

Why Lease a Car in Edison?

Most people believe that it is always preferable to purchase a vehicle, and they never even consider leasing. However, leasing a car has some serious advantages over the alternative. When you lease, you will usually be able to afford to drive a much nicer… and newer…automobile than you would be able to buy outright. The car you are leasing will typically be far more fuel efficient. When the lease is up you can choose to trade it in for an even newer vehicle. Maintenance costs are also going to be lower if your automobile is in top shape.

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Working Hours:
Mon-Th, Sat 09:00am-09:00pm;
Fri 09:00am-07:00pm;
Sun 10:00am-07:00pm.
Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

Elizabeth Auto Lease
1333 North Ave,
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

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