El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant

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5 Star Review By Reuben Reyes

Arrived and was seated right away. Chips & salsa were served with my ordered tea. Was just a tiny bit disappointed with the chips. Once the main plate arrived and I started sampling, I was surprised how good everything was. The service was excellent, place was clean and well lit. The music was spot on and even had a song from an musician from my home town singing in Spanish. Even though the chips were just ok, the rest of the food, service, and ambience were excellent and this prompted me to give a 4.6 rating rounded up.

Reuben Reyes May 18th, 2023 Google

4 Star Review By James Franklin

This was a great place to eat. We like breakfast food and it was great they had it and the steak and eggs with potatoes was delicious. Also, the kids chicken and French fries was extremely good. If you want some good chicken and fries this is the place to go haha the service was great and we will be going back for sure. Only reason for the 4 stars is to try and be transparent with our opinion, and to us these are the items we thought weren’t the best: - in our opinion, the cheese sauce was not great - the chips weren’t as good as other places - the tortillas were average tortillas This is just our opinion and experience for that day and in no way are criticizing. Just wanted to help give insight for other people. We highly recommend trying this place!

James Franklin Dec 31st, 2022 Google