Eisenhower Elementary School

Eisenhower Elementary School

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5 Star Review By Tomilynn L

I love everything about this school. My only complaint is the stop light on High Meadows turning into the school. It's awful. You have to wait forever. There is also no one directing traffic in the morning while kids are being dropped off. People speed through the parking lot and have zero common courtesy for others. I feel like this wouldn't happen if someone was there to direct traffic in the am.

Tomilynn L Feb 7th, 2018 Google

5 Star Review By Susie McMurtry

Ms Muir & Mrs Massie in pre-k are the BEST. My granddaughter has /is learning so much! and enjoys going to school because of these 2 teachers and all staff that she comes into contact with. The lunch staff is kind and helpful to all students, especially to pre-k kids who dont know what to do. THANK YOU to all staff at Ike.

Susie McMurtry Feb 7th, 2018 Google