Coffee Plant Roaster 4.6 out of 5 Write a Review

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4 Star Review By Luke Doggett

Decent place and had pretty good coffee (expensive though). Unfortunately one of the workers, I think she may have even been the manager, was pretty rude to me. Kind of ruined the whole experience. There was a second worker who saw the interaction and came over later to apologize which I thought was nice of them. I probably wont be going back. (4 weeks later) Thank you Coffee Plant Roaster for your reply. I appreciate the follow up. I think the day had just been very stressful for her. We are all human. I am happy to add a few more stars as it was a nice experience otherwise.

Luke Doggett Aug 18th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Anna Scott

Very inviting space! The coffee was excellent, not bitter or overly sweet (I got a flavored latte, which usually end up being sugar bombs so I was pleasantly surprised). The employees were very nice and doing a great job of following social distancing and cleanliness guidelines which made me feel safe and happy. I will definitely be returning.

Anna Scott Aug 1st, 2020 Google