What Is Revision Rhinoplasty?
Secondary rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed to rectify any deformities or abnormalities that occurred because of a botched primary rhinoplasty. It is a highly delicate procedure that requires a facial plastic surgeon to possess exceptional surgical skills, precision, experience, and expertise.

Prior to committing to surgery, Dr. Linkov always ensures your goals for surgery can be met. Only then can he enact the successful and natural outcomes he has always been known for. Dr. Linkov spends enough time with every patient, examining your anatomy, medical history, and the results of a primary procedure.

Patients seeking revision rhinoplasty in NYC are apprehensive. They have already undergone a complex facial procedure and have been disappointed with its outcomes. Therefore, Dr. Gary Linkov is especially attuned to the needs of these patients. His workmanlike job has attracted international intention and has made him arguably the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon not only in New York but across the United States.

What Are the Reasons for a Secondary Nose Job?
People seek out rhinoplasty surgery to improve their nose, assuming it will be the only procedure on their nose. But sometimes a person might find that the results of the rhinoplasty do not meet their cosmetic needs. They might still have breathing problems afterward, or even new breathing problems.

Often the reason for these problems is an overly reductive initial rhinoplasty that took too much supportive tissue away leaving the potential for many problems behind. People who are unhappy with the results of their first rhinoplasty will sometimes seek out rhinoplasty tip revision, either with the same surgeon or with a different surgeon.

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