Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

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5 Star Review By Doug Shaw

I film documentaries on Native Americans and this site happened to be along my route home. It is incredible! I wish the visitor’s center would have been open, and I wish I would have understood how big the grounds are. Even though the building was not open, the grounds have plenty of information to keep you busy for at least a full afternoon. Parking was not the best near the main mound, but there is plenty of parking across the street, so be prepared to walk. The only thing that might be a “negative” was the people running up and down the stairs for exercise. It seems a little disrespectful and didn’t seem all that safe with the number of people trying to walk up and down - but I also understand that this is probably normal and I was visiting the area. It is definitely worth the visit and if you are from the area or driving through, you definitely need to check it out!!

Doug Shaw Mar 18th, 2024 Google

5 Star Review By Leonildo Azevedo

Taking advantage of one of the last days of the year with above-freezing temperatures to visit Cahokia Mounds. Right away, I felt a connection with the Mississippians of that era (800-1400 A.D.), who, lacking natural hills in the region, decided to construct their own; about 120 mounds. Today, the site is an archaeological landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered a sacred location. The base of the site covers an area of more than 56m², and the highest point is about 30 meters high, an area where over 600,000 cubic meters of earth were manually moved; construction began around 950 A.D. and was expanded several times until 1250 A.D.

Leonildo Azevedo Nov 24th, 2023 Google