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Retaining Wall Success

I have used Barclay's Garden before for 2 more extensive projects and the quality of work is superb for a needed retention wall after an old concrete wall failed after the heavy November-December rains. The wall will last, I expect, in excess of 20 years (since their last retention wall more than 11 years ago is strong, aligned and shows no signs of deterioration, amazing for pressure treated 6x6's). My one star downgrade was for the needed discussion with the crew chief as to where the wall was supposed to start and end since it was to visually tie in to a still existing, and slightly leaning but stable, pre-existing concrete wall poured at the same time as the one that failed.
The chosen wall route was better than the one I had originally assumed but will take me a small amount of unplanned work to tie the two together with a timber construction I built that has a Japanese garden theme.
No worries since the aesthetics of walls in an area behind a house only matters to me and has nothing to do with the function.

Written by Steve A. on April 2nd, 2016