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I was injured on the job while employed by Toyota Motor Sales as a auto transport driver. The injury was to my lower back causing severe pain to my complete left side of my body. I was treated for a pulled muscle for over 4 months however after a MRI it was determined that I had injured the three vertebrae in my lower back. The Orthopedic Surgeon that evaluated the MRI and my back advised both myself and Sedgwick the Workers Comp. administrator for Toyota recommended immediate surgery However Sedgwick denied the claim. After 6 months Sedgwick ended my claim and advised me to go on disability. I had a supplemental insurance policy that I had payed for through my employee additional coverage and I used that. Still my injury was getting no better in fact it was getting much worse.
I called Alvey Law Group and made an appointment. I met with Eric Miller and he agreed to represent me. He advised me to go to my Health Care provider make appointments and get the much needed surgery done. I went through Kaiser saw the necessary doctors and had the operation on my back. Eric dealt with Sedgwick and my Workers Comp. claim was reopened and ultimately settled.
I can not say enough about the excellent support that Eric and his staff gave to me. From day one Eric advised me, was up front with me explained all the steps he would taking on my behalf. Eric's tenacity and legal expertise in dealing with both Worker's Comp. and with Sedgwick and the attorney's representing Toyota was excellent.
More over the personal support and caring shown to me by Eric and the entire staff was excellent.
With Eric's and the staff's legal prowess and support , they made a difficult time in my life much easier to deal with.
I have and will continue to recommend the Alvey Law Group to anyone seeking legal representation.
Thank you for representing me.

Written by mark p. on June 8th, 2019

Reviewing: Worker's Compensation

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