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5 Star Review By Patsy Alldredge

You will not find a more wonderful daycare in the area! Our oldest started attending a few months after they opened after some not so stellar experiences at previous centers in the area. We immediately noticed a difference in the positive direction. When she started kindergarten, she was reading above grade level and has continued to excel since. Our second child attended from birth until she started kindergarten this year. She too is ahead of the curve. We are so sad that our children are both in school now and our time with AP2G has come to an end. The staff there really became like family, and it is so clear that staff and ownership really and truly cared about us. They offer cooked from scratch meals every day and so many fun family programs. The center is very well appointed and continues to grow. Highly recommend for all children!

Patsy Alldredge Aug 28th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Christina Sanchez

We've been through lots of daycare centers over the course of 3 children, and there's only a few I would recommend. This program is one of the best in the entire metro-east area. We've attended "better" facilities to find stressed out teachers, screaming children, and classroom injuries due to lack of care. You are hard pressed to find safe options in this area, and even more so to find a program that allows your child to thrive. A Place to Grow has an incredibly unique set up and genuinely concerned teachers and administrators. The pride shows in their facilities, policies, and daily routines. My son has never been thrilled to attend day care and drop offs are the worst. At A Place to Grow, he has fallen in love with his teachers and asks for them by name in the morning. The teachers keep the kids engaged and busy doing kid stuff - learning and growing by playing (versus sitting in front of an electronic device). If you haven't visited the facility - you should. Other facilities focus on saving money and it's obvious - while A Place to Grow has built an amazing, stimulating environment for the children. And so clean! Again, the pride is apparent. Don't miss out on an opportunity to give this center a look over, and don't wait to get on the wait list! We feel incredibly blessed to have found this facility.

Christina Sanchez Jun 9th, 2017 Google