Life Coach

I am an Life Docent, Oughta-Pilot Disconnector, Dream-Come-True Maker, Renaissance Woman and Multipotentialite. I work with Color Energies to soothe the muddy spots and polish your Light so you can shine brightly.

I call myself a Life Docent because I am a guide into your lives to help shine light into the dark places and reveal the beauty that may be hiding under the cobwebs.

I work primarily with women to help shed the shame and blame of betrayal stories, freeing them to step into their Power, rekindle their Passion and open themselves to Possibilities.

Living on Oughta Pilot is letting an “ought to” or a “should” be the primary motivation for how you live your life, the choices and decisions you make and the attitudes and feelings that arise.

As an intuitve healer offering over 30 years of experience for your assistance, I speak to groups and work one on one with people who wish to reclaim control of their lives, disconnect their "Oughta-Pilots", boost creativity and live created lives of passion, power and possibility. Don't just settle for surviving.

My book, Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot is available on Amazon.