Are You Looking For a Way to Support Your Community and Build Your Local Brand? 

We Get It. You’re Not Just A Business Owner.

You’re a risk-taker, doer, and a vital part of our community. You understand the critical role that local businesses play as the backbone of our economy. You employ our neighbors, staunchly support other local businesses, and often give to nonprofits until it hurts so that our entire community can thrive.

From The Bottom Of Our Hearts – Thank you!

Let’s face it, small businesses in our community need our support more than ever. The problem is, big box stores and corporate America are constantly trying to squeeze out the little guys.

And, while big tech platforms and media companies suck billions of dollars out of our local communities, they simply don’t care about our local businesses and non-profits.

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We Believe Our Community Deserves Better

At WhirLocal, we’re not a big tech media company, and we truly care about the success of our small businesses and non-profits.

Our community-based website
includes a digital magazine and local business directory. Our goal is to be a positive voice in and for our community with local journalism and promotional efforts to support all things local.

We also provide free promotional tools that empower our local businesses and non-profits to promote themselves in the neighborhood without the drama and distraction of social media. 

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Neighborhood Sponsorship

Supporting our community through positive local journalism and providing promotional tools for small businesses and non-profits costs money, and let’s face it, we don’t have the budgets of Big Tech and Corporate Media. That’s why we need help from like-minded businesses like yours who also have a passion to support all things local.

By supporting our efforts to be a positive voice in our community, we in turn shine a spotlight on you as a community leader and help you grow. 

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

Online Reviews Made Easy

Reviews are a proven way to grow revenue. We automate the process of collecting and showcasing reviews from Google, Facebook, and on WhirLocal. Think of this as gathering a crowd of your happiest customers, all ready to tell anyone who listens just how great you are.

Online Reviews Made Easy
Sponsored Directory Listing

Prime Spot in the Local Business Directory

 Imagine your business not just on the windowsill, but right at the center of it, where the sunlight hits the best. As a Neighborhood Sponsor, your business gets featured above the Business Supporters and free accounts in our local business directory. 
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Targeted Advertising in Magazine Articles

 Imagine your business getting a special shout-out in stories and articles that are all relevant to the audience you’d like to reach. As our audience grows, so does the spotlight on your brand.

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Sponsored Social Posts

Automated Social Content with a Personal Touch

 How would you like a social media assistant who can share articles that are relevant to your audience? We post interesting articles to your Facebook page and Google Business profiles 3-4x per month. When someone clicks on these articles, they’ll see that the piece is “sponsored” by your business.

  • Plus, all the benefits of the Business Supporter package (see below).
Who Is The Neighborhood Sponsorship Designed For?

The Neighborhood Sponsorship is designed for established and growing local businesses and non-profits who want to take a leading role in the local scene, boosting their online presence and visibility, reputation, social proof, and influence in the community, all while lifting others up along the way.

How Do People Find WhirLocal?

Great question. While we are not as well-known as big tech or corporate media platforms, we’re growing our presence in the community using a variety of methods, including:

  • Content
  • Social media
  • Search
  • Ads
  • Networking
  • Events and giveaways


As our brand awareness grows in the community, our Neighborhood Sponsors, Business Supporters, and even free users will all benefit.

We’re On A Mission To Take Back Local One Neighborhood At A Time

We like to say “We’re Local & Proud Of It!” ™

The WhirLocal Neighborhood Sponsor package is like turning the volume up on your business’s community presence and influence. 

Sponsorships start at just $2970 per year (or $297/mo)

Will You Join Us?

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Not Ready For A Sponsorship?

Imagine you have a favorite local coffee shop where everyone knows your name, and you want to see it thrive, not just because you love their coffee but because it’s a vital part of your community. Now, imagine there’s a way to make that coffee shop and other local places shine even brighter, helping them stand out against the big, impersonal chains that seem to pop up on every corner.

That’s where our Business Supporter package comes in. At just $297 a year, you get to show your love for your local community and support our publishing efforts, while at the same time enjoying the following benefits. 

  • Supporting Community Values: Just like choosing to buy your coffee from the local shop because you believe in supporting local businesses, joining us is about putting your money where your heart is. It’s for businesses that love our mission of shining a light on the good in our community and want to back a platform that prioritizes local businesses and nonprofits over big tech and corporate media platforms. Your investment helps us keep doing what we do best – showcasing the heart and soul of our community.

  • Boosting Your Business Online: Think of your business’s online presence like a plant. Our Business Supporter package is like giving your plant a spot on the windowsill, where it gets more sunlight (or in this case, “Google juice”) that can help it grow. You’ll be able to fine-tune how people find you on Google with special settings, making your business easier to discover. Plus, any links you share on your profile or on content you publish will carry more weight, helping more people find their way to you.

  • Standing Out in the Crowd: Your business is placed in front of all the free profiles in our local business directory. This means when people are looking for services or businesses in our directory, yours pops up ahead of the free profiles, giving you a better chance to catch their eye.

  • Building Community Connections: Just like in a vibrant neighborhood where everyone supports each other, our platform helps you connect to and build a network of recommended places, making the whole community stronger together. Plus, think of it like having a special bulletin board where all your favorite local businesses pin up their latest news and offers. We give you access to this board, automatically collecting all the cool stuff your friends in the business community are sharing.  

In short, for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee from your favorite local shop, you can join a community of like-minded businesses working together to make our local area a better place, get your business noticed more online, and build meaningful connections that help everyone grow together. It’s about being part of something bigger, where your business isn’t just a name on a list, but a key player in a thriving local ecosystem.

* All of the Business Supporter Benefits are included in the Neighborhood Sponsor Package. 

Get Started As A Business Supporter For Just $297/yr.  

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