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Western RV Country, with stores located in Airdrie, Edmonton/Leduc, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Okotoks, Red Deer, Sherwood Park and Kelowna, BC, have one of the largest inventory of preowned RVs in Canada! Stop in at our stores and check out our website to see the large selection of inventory we carry– priced for every budget. Many financing options available. We make it easy for you to get into the great RV lifestyle! With our selection and great prices, there’s no need to shop anywhere else!

At Western RV Country, we don’t believe it’s fair for our customers to have to become hagglers to receive the lowest prices and best value.

Being the highest volume dealer allows us the luxury of dealing with only the finest manufacturers in the world. It also affords Western RV Country the benefits of purchasing in huge volume, which means we pay less for our product and pass the savings to you, the customers.

As top dealer, Western RV Country’s professional staff are not paid commission based on the profit of the RV. This ensures that all of our energy is devoted to finding the perfect RV to suit your lifestyle.

Our customers appreciate the fact that they can enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and outstanding selection when choosing their RV from our stores and our online store.
At Western RV Country, family fun is #1.

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If You Want To Be Scammed And Pay For A Trailer Not Worth A Dime Go To Leduc Location

We had been looking for some time for a small toy hauler trailer. We found 1 at Leduc location after looking for some time. We spend from early May to sometimes early Nov. We found one that was perfect so we thought. When we where buying the trailer our s Keep Readingales person was Amber she was great a finance person was Chris he seemed great but I go out of town 7 days on 7 days off. Chris made me an appointment for 6pm the day before I fly out and then had Amber call me last min and try to re-SCHL it well the new time didn't work, they then made me an appointment with Larry not so nice to deal with. He rushed me rolled his eye at me non stop. I was asking question and now I know he wasn't paying any addiction to my questions.1 thing was how much a month will I be paying he said an amount I was like great I didn't want to go much higher and that the first payment would be in 14 day( the paperwork never stated on or before . I signed the papers and left. Trailer was picked up for me because I was out of town on July 27th 2020. Once the trailer got home I received a call that the toy deck was damaged and door. At that point that was all that was noticed. I got pictures sent to me but I couldn't 100% tell at all. I then got them to video it and yes indeed on the sold reinforced metal frame underneath the toy deck and same for the sold metal door appeared to be some kind of impact. This was on Aug 5th 2020. I called Larry not knowing anyone else to call and spoke to him I was treated as though I was dumb at first then he said well the siding at the bottom is off and you are aware that it was dropped on the way to the location in Leduc. This was not stated to me in anyway and the payment where the amount of what he stated where monthly bi-weekly so double, the mistake i made is I should have read better but that and now this info. never mind the way he was speaking to me. I let him know I was sending an email to my original finance guy because it was under the 10day of buying the trailer I was going to cancel and make a complaint thought I could. He then proceed to tell me there is no law or anything to help you ( Mike emailed me the same answer 2 months later) , your stuck with the trailer and hung up. I followed up with an email to ensure I had proof. This was on Aug 6th. I never received a call or email back. I went back to work and tried calling him back nothing Chris was not replying either. I then called the finance company that financed me and they put in a complaint finally on Aug 14th I received a call from Mike the service manger he seemed nice but both him and Chris denied getting the emails 3 in total. I had the emails date and time stamp but still denied it. I have since forwarded the chain to all of them. Mike because I was at work at the time with poor reception they asked me to come in on Aug 31st by this time I have gone over the trailer with a fine tooth comb and here is the damage done to this trailer before owner ship they are still denying the trailer was dropped, yet I was told by Larry it was indeed dropped. Very important part Larry is no longer at that location hmmm. 1)Condensation billed up on top bunk to bunk across wall down to bottom bunk. Top bunk collapsing on to bottom bunk 2)above fridge the cabinet is collapsed on to top of fridge 3)under table bed collapsed into it's self 4)big grove in door frame 5) toy deck is dented in underneath on outside in 4 different spot lining up exact to each other 6)the electrical plug on trailer to hook up to the truck is coming apart 7)tub surrounding needs more rivets in the back 8)screw all the whole back of trailer are out at least half way 9) silicone it tub is not there 10) 2 rolls of tin off on bottom of each side. Now please take your own take away from that info this was supposedly a brand new trailer. At least 6 of the damages sure sound like impact happen does it don't? As of Aug 5th once I seen the trailer and payment and spoke to Larry I knew I was 100% being taken for a ride sad really. I started to call email on and in less then a week having the trailer I wanted it taken back. I didn't get replied to or called till finally . I called a demand to speak to managers keeping in mind I work out of town I'm very limited on time. I got the run around see Mike service manager he told us well that what warranty is for this is all normal on trailers like yours some are just Friday jobs and poorly built. Who in there right mind would be ok with that answer when they clearly within 1 week sent notice that they wanted to return the trailer. We think the reason the they left us hanging for so long was to make sure we where stuck with the trailer. People be careful and double double check and don't sign paperwork till you are sure you checked everything. Cause as Mike stats some trailers are Friday jobs and there is no law to help you your suck with the junky trailer. Oh and don't bother speaking to Nik you'll just get patronized and thinks you don't notice. so in the end I'm stuck with a trailer that will more then likely be in the shop more then camping and moldy because they state that the wall that is on the top bunk is fine. our pictures say otherwise, has so much condensation no one can sleep on it because they wake up wet and how long till the mold sets in. I did leave the trailer there for Mike to look at and fix again I was told after the long weekend it would be done. I didn't here anything from any one. Trailer sat in there over flow from Aug 31 for almost 2 some weeks because we drove by to check. Sept 14th after being told right after the long week it would be fixed we receive a call out of the blue since Aug 31st. I now do everything over email so I have as much proof. Just remember we have no rights when it comes to RV buying if you have these issues they make dam sure your stuck with it one way or another.

Kristin A. Sep 18th, 2020

First Rv Purchase

Thx to Keith for being patient and knowledgeable with helping us through our first rv purchase. We are looking forward to makings lots of family memories in our new RV.

Adele H. Oct 12th, 2019