There may be snow on the ground still, but now is the time to start thinking about a seasonal yard cleanup. Not sure if your yard needs a spring cleanup? Here are some benefits to a seasonal cleanup.

1) Removal of leaves, weeds and other debris.
Removing leaves and debris from your yard not only helps to improve the look of your yard, there are other benefits to this. While thatch is a good thing (like anything) too much can have negative effects on your lawn and landscape, like blocking out sunlight or not allowing water to soak into your lawn which will cause your lawn to die out.

2) Edging plant beds.
At Wachter Landscaping, we create a deep edge around your flower beds and trees. This keeps the turf grass from creeping into your beds and clearly defines your plant beds. It also allows for easier maintenance throughout the season.

3) Trimming of shrubs, branches and pruning back perennials.
Trimming back shrubs will keep them looking nice and neat throughout the season and help flowering shrubs bloom more. During the winter months, ice, snow and winds may damage tree branches. Careful trimming of damaged or dangerous limbs will help keep your trees healthy and avoid random branch drop during the growing season. Perennials are nice because the continually comeback, but they do need a trim to help them with new growth for the coming season to help them be healthy and thrive.

4) Mulching beds.
Applying a layer of mulch to your plant beds not only helps the beds look better, but it improves the health of the plants. Mulch adds additional organic material to the beds, helps retain moisture and insulate the beds from the seasonal heat. When mulching around trees, you may need to remove accumulated layers of mulch. Excess mulch around and touching the base of the tree can cause damage.
For more information or to schedule a seasonal cleanup for your yard, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at (651) 269-0908.

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