Physical Therapy | Active Release Technique in Brooklyn NYC
Physical Therapy | Active Release Technique in Brooklyn NYC

Soft tissue damage can leave you feeling weak and unable to participate in your normal activities. If you’re suffering from this kind of pain, seek active release technique (ART) in Brooklyn.

The active release technique providers at Tri PT in Brooklyn NY help you out of pain and heal your soft tissue so you can get back to your normal routine, including the exercises or sports that are part of your life. Don’t settle for just a therapeutic massage; try an active release technique massage at your local physical therapy practice.

The active release technique (ART) is a physical therapy method that treats your body’s soft tissue. By using a specific combination of manipulation and movement, your Brooklyn’s physical therapy practitioners can help restore soft tissue to its pre-damaged state.

For 30 years, ART has been useful in providing relief for those suffering from shoulder pain, as well as pain from other areas of your body.
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