Tan Republic Franchise Company

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Tan Republic is a company committed to “bronze without borders”. We’re unique in that customers can tan at any location, at any time, with only one tanning package!

We believe in providing the best tanning experience possible to our customers, who become far more than simply economic assets, and more like a community of friends – beautiful, tan, sexy friends.

The company has grown steadily, bringing other salon chains into the fold and becoming the tanning salon brand of choice in a wide variety of areas. We’re committed to our loyal tanners, and as we have grown and built a solid corporate foundation of operation, we have remained friendly and personable as a company.

We don’t just have customers – we have fans, a core group of followers who enjoy the experiences, camaraderie, and high-class tanning services Tan Republic provides. If you’re looking to join more than just another tanning company, Tan Republic is the answer – we’re more than just a name, we’re an a…

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