Neck injuries can be tricky, demanding the expertise of a trained sports medicine doctor who also practices regular pain management techniques. Neck injury treatment can be as simple as modifying the way you work and play or as complex as requiring delicate surgery. Seek help from your Midtown Manhattan doctor for a correct diagnosis and the proper treatment for your neck injury to prevent further complications. Come to our sports medicine clinic NYC and meet the top rated pain doctor Febin Melepura M.D. to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the qualified pain doctor in NYC.

Your neck works hard to manage the dual duties of holding the weight of your ten-pound skull and being flexible enough to move your head as needed. Because of the rather precarious position of your head atop your seven cervical vertebrae, your neck is quite susceptible to injury or damage, especially as you age. Even if you take care of your neck properly, neck injuries can still happen.

Every moving part of your neck has to work together. The vertebral bones, discs, ligaments, tendons and muscles are all potential areas of concern for neck pain. Understanding the anatomy of your neck and the ways it can be harmed help you discuss treatment options with your Midtown Manhattan sports medicine and pain management doctor when neck pain occurs.

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