Neighborhood Pet Care

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Neighborhood Pet Care offers personal, professional services for your beloved pet.

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Purrrfect Pet Care Service And Dedication!

Casey & Lia are the best pet care providers I have met in so long! they took my two dogs Minnie and Chloe, as well as Bella my 6 yr. old cat in without hesitation. I have had a hard time finding a place to board all three together as they all feel safe to Keep Readinggether as they are all rescues. But Casey & Lia made it so safe and comfortable for all Three of them! they came for a meet and greet and explained everything to me and how they are able to sleep in the bed or roam free as if it was there own home! it made me feel so much better, they sent me updates and pictures and when I picked them up they were bathed (my pups) and were running around outside in the park with there new friends!! I am so glad that we found Neighborhood Pet Care. As we would Recommended them to any of our friends who need boarding, daycare or whatever else it maybe!!

Kerri D. May 30th, 2016

Endless Thanks Casey & Family!

Neighborhood Pet Care is the best thing that ever could of come into my life a year ago today..As my Kane is 1 1/2 years old next month, one year ago he was the wildest, craziest pup ever, and he would not listen..If it hadn't been for what Casey did (exa Keep Readingctly what he promised) to train Kane two ways, I might not have been able to keep him..Casey worked with him for 3 months 3 days a week of 2hour training sessions (AFFORDABLE BEYOND COMPARISON) Plus Kane was gone on Adventure running with his now awesome furry friends of his + Casey & staff. This was a big part of Kate's training as well as Casey explained if you can get a dog to listen to commands in a playful group environment then he will not need one on one training anymore..I had to do what the expert said though and learn to continue his training exercises at home. I'm just overwhelmed with JOY when I see Kane have this social life filled with exercise & fun + I'm not embarrassed of my dogs behavior in fact I'm proud to show off my beautiful lab grown pup! Thank you so much Casey and neighborhood back here you changed my life and saved our family when we were out of answers and hope..I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't give this man's company a try...Thanks so much again Neighborhood Pet Care!!! Amanda R. Plainville, Ma

Amanda R. Nov 26th, 2015