Lawrenceville Family Practice

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5 Star Review By Amanda H

I was nervous about my 1st appointment after reading some of the reviews. My experience was great and went seamlessly. I was brought back right on time by Wildrea who did a great job! She was kind, patient and gentle when giving me a shot / taking my blood. When she finished, she let me know there was one patient ahead of me and then the Dr. would be in to see me. He was also very friendly and patient. Overall it was a good experience and I plan to use this office going forward as my primary Drs office. Also, the facility was SO clean, which was another plus!

Amanda H Nov 16th, 2022 Google

5 Star Review By Connie Clark

This practice is extremely well managed in every aspect and everything runs smoothly. The staff are excellent and quality of care is excellent. My primary care physician, Dr. Daniel VanRiper is excellent. I can’t say enough positive about this practice.

Connie Clark Nov 29th, 2022 Google