Imagine International Academy of North Texas

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4 Star Review By Eli Prudhomme

I have been a student here for 4 years, and I am currently in the DP program. This school is something. It is very difficult on the student but its mostly for the better; the whole IB program is preparing the students for college whether that be through writing essays, tests, or the loads of homework assigned. I feel that if you don't feel prepared or want that sort of work load than this school probably isn't for you. I have been stressed a ton this year and am currently debating on whether I should leave- but my main draws for staying is mainly the golden opportunity of being in this school in the first place- sure it is difficult but that is what college will be. A personal favorite aspect of mine is the relationships made in Imagine; the teachers ( mostly ) are all very charming and nice and really care for the students. The classes also get gradually smaller as the years go on and to have a 50 person class is a aspect I love of this school. The grade really gets to bond with each other and know each other very well. But alas, while all sounds good on paper, it is still very challenging. My final advice would just be: If you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Eli Prudhomme Sep 6th, 2022 Google

4 Star Review By Nate H.

Personally... There's a lot of things I received from this school that I would never have gained from a Public School. Although it does come with a downside that this is a higher form of Education and in turn, does take more homework than usual to complete and does take more effort than normal. Kids who think the homework is grueling take no effort into taking the time and effort to complete the work. By spacing it out, it becomes easier to complete rather than trying to complete it all in one night. Yes, the teachers are rather biased against you because the school is so small. This comes with an upside that you can communicate with the teachers and gain useful knowledge from them including a great relationship which will help you love their classes more. Yes, the homework and teachers are different than a Public School, that's because it is a Charter School, thinking that this school is the same is completely unjustified and creates a rather irrelevant response for what this school has to offer. Adding on, the school lunches were not as good as other schools, yet it improved this year and will continue as the years go on. Choosing to come is different than a Public School and always will be different but it offers its benefits. This School is a Charter School and in turn, is created by members of the community rather than the School Board, thus the 11 years it has been created were the time organizing the school and preparing kids for college. That's what this school is, a College Preparatory School. Even if the homework is grueling and mistreating, It is preparing you for college and thus will be harder than most Public Schools around McKinney. Finding a Medium for Classwork and After-School Activities is the key Succeeding within this school due to the workload given in this School. Additionally, the classes given through this school are always courses given one grade above from the grade you are currently in. Thus, the workload may be difficult, but you are one step ahead from other Public Schools. Ex. You are able to Take High School Physics in 10th grade rather than 11th grade at Imagine. Although the Courses may be grueling, the preparatory knowledge this school gives you makes you stand out more than the rest.

Nate H. Nov 1st, 2022 Google