The Difference Between Day and Twilight

I am 72 and have been wearing hearing aids for 5 years. In addition to being lots of fun to work with, Anita clearly knows her stuff, understands hearig loss, has lots of patience, and returns calls promptly. Her office is small and you don't feel like a number, or that you are being rushed. She is further from me than Duke and their audiologists, but it is worth the extra time and gas to get there. I say "twilight" in my title, because I DO hear, but didn't always understand. Now I know what's going on behind me and on all sides. I am blessed to be able to get State Of The Art hearing aids at this time in my life! The concert in Chapel Hill was fabulous and we were in the second to the last row. Dinner before hand was noisy, but I no longer am disconcerted by background noise. I can concentrate easily, and at the Fitness Center have no trouble with hearing the instructor. No longer am I self conscious about feeling young but "looking older" because of my hearing aids. Remember "your hearing loss is more noticable than your hearing aids" :-)

Written by Nancy J. on March 15th, 2012

Reviewing: Hearing Aids

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