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Patience is Prudent

Dr. Anita Carroll is my audiologist and tends to my severe hearing loss. Her patience, her skills, her attention to detail, and listening to me, have made my life so much better. I am on my second set of hearing aids with Dr. Carroll. I received my latest set about three weeks ago. I had the worst first week with them ever. I knew there was no way I would keep them. At my one-week follow-up appointment, Dr. Carroll listened carefully to my issues and concerns and addressed each one. She made adjustments that were geared to my problems. Voices became so much clearer. I really couldn't believe the improvement. I still had some issues, but I felt like I was back in touch with everything. Again last week, Dr. Carroll listened to me, and made appropriate adjustments. This week has been even better. I've gone from initially feeling isolated for a week to appreciating my hearing aids, and it's because Dr. Carroll listened to me, questioned me, took notes, and adjusted my hearing aids. With these hearing aids and Bluetooth technology, my phone calls go directly to my hearing aids. Voices are so much clearer. I love this feature! I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Carroll. She patiently listens, she questions, she probes, she researches, she adjusts, AND she teaches you how to use the features available with the hearing aids.

Written by Rif R. on May 9th, 2017

Reviewing: Hearing Aids