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Musicians Earplugs – Preserving My Hearing

The musicians earplugs are comfortable after a short period of getting used to having something in your ear. They were a bit hard to install the first few times but it did not take long for me to get good at that. Sometimes when they are really dry it is hard to get them in. The filters work very well and don't cut out too much of the highs. It is not like not having earplugs, it is harder to hear people talking to you, the music is quieter. But I think that is a fair trade-off for preserving my hearing. I do have some hearing loss from playing in bands without earplugs. I do not want to lose any more if I can help it. They are definitely much better than foam because you don't lose all of the higher frequencies. I prefer wearing them in playing situations because there are no sudden and painful surprises when the drummer cracks his snare really hard. They love doing that all of a sudden.

Written by Ernie J. on February 10th, 2014

Reviewing: Musician Earplugs