Lost Without My Hearing Aid!

At age 48, I received my first hearing aids. Twenty-three years later, Anita Carroll is still my audiologist. From the start, my adjustment was easy thanks to Anita's highly personalilzed service - and her beautiful laugh makes any day better. Recently, I lost my hearing aid while voting. Until I could buy a new one, I decided to tough it out without a loaner, even though my hearing in that ear is minimal. Then one morning Anita called me: "someone at the voting precinct has found your aid." I left that minute and drove 20 miles to the county seat. Sitting in the parking lot, I put the aid back into my ear and gorgeous stereophonic sound flooded my happy ears. That brought home just how shrunken my life had become during those weeks of muffled sound and misunderstandings. Timers on the stove: unnoticed. A beautiful solo at church: unheard. My granddaughter's happy little face: puzzled. How did my aid get back to me? A savvy county employee checked the serial number and that led her to Anita Carroll's office. I owe so much: to that kind worker, and to Anita.

Written by Linda D. on December 22nd, 2012

Reviewing: Hearing Aids

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