Whether you’re out and about on a regular basis, only run occasional errands, or work and relax in the comfort of your own home most of the time… you’re busy. Ladies with hectic schedules may not always have time to make their hair look like they just stepped out of a salon. The perfect answer – a baseball cap. In fact, there are numerous hats that can be used to either camouflage a bad hair day or kick an outfit up a notch. Styling with hats can be fun and doesn’t have to take a lot of effort or time.

Here are some tips to making the most of hat stylization for today’s busy women.

Since we already mentioned it, let’s talk about this one first – the baseball cap. Wearing a baseball cap – a style which has become known as athleisure – is even being done on the fashion runway. Think Fenty and Alexander Wang. This headgear is some of the hottest in town right now. It’s easy to wear, casual, and simple. So popular is this type of hat, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on the planet who hasn’t worn one at some point in time.

With practically any outfit, baseball caps can and do work because they are just that versatile. For an off-duty model look, pair your favorite baseball cap with a leather jacket, ankle boots, and a pair of skinny jeans. Or, if you prefer, slap on a satin finish baseball cap for a bit more glamour.

What this basically boils down to is a head sock. The look, though right out of the 90s, still works – particularly in colder climates. There are several styles of beanies or knit caps including the feminine variety topped off with a pom-pom; a hat with a crown that droops back toward the rear of your head; and one that fits snugly.

Pick one made from thinner fabric if you’re going to truly rock the look in warmer weather. Wear your knit cap with a monochrome hued crop top and pencil skirt or add a pair of heeled mesh booties for a more glamorous tone.

(Note: A chullo – or Peruvian beanie – resembles a knit cap with the addition of flaps/tassels on either side. Again, in colder weather, you will be happy for the ear protection while still being fashionable.)

This classic hat selection, with a medium to short sized brim (upturned at the rear), is highly recognizable. Originally designed for men, women have been pulling off the look for decades. From felt to straw, it comes in a selection of materials and suits almost every face shape. In warmer climates, pair a flowing summer dress with a straw fedora. In colder temperatures, wear your favorite skinny jeans with a leather jacket and a dark colored wool fedora. A true style chameleon, the fedora takes any look and immediately turns it smart and sassy.

Reaching up to 10 inches, the brim of a floppy hat provides more than just shade for your face and eyes. In colder climates, felt and woolen versions are worn; while on the beaches of Thailand, Australia, and Bali, the straw variation is more popular. When not on the beach, pair your floppy hat with an oversized cardigan, knee-high boots, and jeans.

Sun hats, with a stiffer brim, are similar to these hats. They are perfect for a tropical climate as they are usually made of straw. The skimmer or boater hat is another favorite of warm weather/beach fashionistas.

Additional hat styles to keep in mind, depending on your outfit, are as follows:

  • Turban
  • Porkpie hat
  • Pillbox hat
  • Newsboy cap
  • Fascinator
  • Deerstalker
  • Cowboy hat
  • Bell hat or cloche
  • Bucket
  • Bowler
  • Flat hat/beret

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