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As a general contracting company, ER Renovation Inc. is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and specializes in home remodels and additions. At ER Renovation Inc. we efficiently execute any task whether it be tile and stone setting, roofing, siding, installing doors and windows, painting, fencing, and decking. Our craftsmanship is of the highest quality, and we love to exceed our client’s expectations.

“What a joy Ethan is to work with. He sees the vision and takes hold of it. He did a wonderful job in our kitchen, and I would highly recommend him for any project.”
Cheril B.

“We had Ethan remodel our kitchen and he did an excellent job. He considered everything we wanted done and came back with good suggestions which we incorporated in our plan. Every part of the construction was overseen by him daily. We highly recommend him and it was all done in three and a half weeks.”
Victoria Brown

“First class work at reasonable rates.”
Michael H. | Salem OR

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Sloppy Work,Ruined Our House,Backed Out Of Job After 20 Hrs Work And Kept Our $5725 Down Payment For 4 Windows&Housepaint

I paid ER Renovation Inc $3625.00 1/2 down to paint my house.1st day pressure washed so much the wood siding felt like mush, He began scraping paint and taking chunks of pieces as it was wet. When he realized he was ruining our wood siding. He decided to Keep Readingcall it a day after 5 hours and come back to scrape when was dry. Came back day 2 and scraped some pieces but didn’t prep a 2 story house properly to begin with so after 5 hours he was done with prep. Day 3 taped and caulked slapped base coat in patches where some areas were bare from scraping some leaving some and taped some and left after 6 hours. Day 4- taped and sprayed 2 coats base he sez but could still see wood,he painted over 2 bees nest under eave that he missed when pressure washing. He left after 5&1/2 hours. Day 5 - my husband met with him to show how the paint he sprayed was peeling and the damage he had done to our siding was showing brightly as the base paint was very light yellow. He agreed to sand the bad area and then he would discuss from there. He sanded and left after 35 minutes. Told my husband for him to sand all his damage he did would be an add’l $75 per hr on top of the total being $7250. Day 6- showed up and grabbed his tarp but left the paint, still don’t know where the shark skin deck paint is as he never brought that to the job site but we paid for it. He informed my husband that he needed him to sign a new paper releasing him from the work, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it’s taken me 2 years to get bids and I thought I was making a good decision becuz ER Renovation Inc(Ethan Rudometkin) Had a 5 star reviews from Oregon and he told us from the beginning that he never does the work he subs out a crew,so I was surprised when he showed up to do this huge house by himself and he said it would be done in a week. So here’s a copy that I received by text : The copy is at the bottom of the picks it wouldn’t copy to paste where I wanted it to. Job started Tuesday but do to heat, he worked 7amtil11:45 1st that’s including breaks and lunch,same amount of time rest 3 days working 6 hours on the 4 th day he sprayed base coat on , which he kept saying the heat is putting him behind schedule and he was really needing to prep,caulk,2 coats base,trim and deck all done in a week.I never did this before so I didn’t know it would fake 1 week to professionally just prep my house doing it correctly, so by the grace of God he didn’t create an uglier mess that my neighbors all comment how bad it looks. It’s very embarrassing and Ethan should be ashamed of the work he did. He said he was doing his very best he could so just warning all thos thinking of ever hiring ER Renovation Inc. I also told him several times that we were in no hurry and as long as it’s done by end of summer,we were perfectly fine with it,but becuz he realized what he did and knew what it would take to fix all his big mistakes so on th 5 th day of work he showed up saying he was backing out of the job and he had something for my husband to sign that he needed in his truck, sothiswas already planned as the paper in his truck that my husband never saw becuz he refused to sign anything Is most likely the same new contract he had his wife draft up for him as you can see mentions no responsibility for damage to the siding and the part about if I say anything about his workmanship and how he will take me to court as when he was working,I told him I looked forward to writing a glowing review on his great work,so the letter goes over all the things said or done in the process which I found very interesting and no person will ever scare me with threats as he did. I am only given more drive to tell everyone what he did. He mentioned out of the blue on the 3 rd day that he was a Christian and my license plate sez Jesus loves you, so he felt a need to throw that in and whenever someone feels they need to convince me that there a Christian? Trays when the hairs on my neck go up and wonder oh Lord what’s next. I usually run fast as I can from those Nd of people as I have found them to be bigger crooks than non-believers

David P. Jul 14th, 2021 Company Responded


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